Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Stay Away From These Guys

Picture yourself happily motoring down the divided roadway. You are probably in the right lane, as you know the left lane is generally for faster moving traffic. You are the only car on the road. You see in the distance another car waiting at an intersection to cross or enter the road you are on. He's still waiting... When you get closer, he decides to slowly pull out... OK, keep an eye on him... He slightly slows down... (Obviously he is aware of that "yield to oncoming traffic" phrase that was briefly mentioned in driver's ed) He is going to turn left, so no problem, the left lane is open, he can have it. NOPE!!! He slowly completes his turn into the right lane (your lane) and safely travels 10 mph under the limit. As you pass him, you notice the tightly clenched fists on the steering wheel, and the concentration being exerted on sighting his path along the hood ornament.

Take a breath, accelerate to the posted limit, and wonder, what else could happen?


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