Saturday, February 3, 2007

Today's Right Lane Driver

I have come to notice that an increasing number of drivers that drive in the right lane, although being in the proper lane for slow drivers, have an attitude.
While they are "in their zone" so to speak, they will eventually come to an on-ramp. Many times, motorists are accelerating to get to traffic speeds on this ramp. Our driver of the day however, will pick his target, match their speed, and force the entering motorist to merge behind our motorist of the day.

I am sure there are many reasons this is done.

  • Motorist in the right lane is unaware of any merging traffic and coincidentally realizes how slow he is going. He then speeds up, all the time wondering how he is no longer in the right lane. (mistaking the on-ramp for a lane)
  • Motorist in the right lane absolutely will not allow someone to merge in front of him. How dare they, anyway?
  • Motorist in the right lane is intimidated by the prospect of having a vehicle in front of him closer than 500'

There may be more, but our motorist is now shaken by the ordeal, and decides to merge quickly into the left lane. His problems are now over.


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